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Annual Career Fest

Career Fest

The Biggest Educational Event in the History of Mumbai

The Career Fest, currently in its sixth year, is an initiative by AMP in collaboration with many other Social and Welfare Organizations. The fest is organized on the lines of an Educational Fair. Parents, Students, Teachers, Researchers and others who wish to gain information in the field of knowledge and education can do so by attending the fest and its numerous programs.

The idea of Career Fest started as a simple but deep thought, of giving back to the community and the society after having achieved something ourselves and further in-turn develop a sense of giving, sharing & caring amongst those who came in contact with us. More than 8,000 students and visitors had participated in 2-day event, which was held on April 09 and this set the precedence for the Career Fest series which has been held annually regularly since then.


Since last few years the fest is an extended event spread across entire week. The workshops and lectures is organized for the students in the prominent colleges of the city divided in different zones. Similarly special workshops for Teachers and Principals are also planned. This help Students elevate, enrich themselves with Education and better career prospects thereby bringing prosperity to the country. We hope to ameliorate their prospects in social, political and economic fields.

The main events include Workshops, Seminars, Discussions, Speeches, Talk Show, Exhibition, Stalls of Educational Institutes and Professional Counseling etc. on various subjects such as Governance, Media, Science, Engineering, Technology, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Arts & Commerce and other vocations. Participants also get enriched and get motivated to excel by hearing experiences shared by successful personalities in Government, Corporate, Health Sector, Academics and Business.

We also give free Information Booklet to SSC students which contain very important information about Career Options and different career articles.  The unique event brings together students and professionals from different fields in an environment where they can help and assist each other.

Highlights of Career Fest 2013

  • The Biggest Educational Event in India
  • More than 20000 Visitors
  • More than 125 High Profile Speakers
  • More than 250 Professionals to Guide Students
  • Participation from more than 150 Schools of the City
  • High Profile and Influential Guests of National Stature
  • Free Aptitude Test
  • Lectures by Industry Experts
  • Professional Counselors for Guidance
  • Guidance from Experienced Industry Professionals
  • Special Workshops on various Career Options
  • Reputed Educational Institutes
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Free Education Kit to SSC Students
  • Career Chart Exhibition
  • Quiz Program
  • Educational Drama and more...


Kindly feel free to get in touch with us for further details at info@ampindia.org or you may get in touch with our local coordinators as well.

Mr. Javed Syed | +91 9892264067 | snajeebr@gmail.com

Mr. Najeeb Syed | +91 8898865550 | mastermindedjaved@gmail.com

Mr. Abrar Sayad | +91 9860603447 | abrar.sayyad@gmail.com


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