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Salary Related Intrvw Ques

Salary Related Interview Questions


What salary were you thinking of for this position?

I can imagine you must have a specific number in mind for salary in order for you to accept the position. What is it?

What do you think would make a fair compensation package for this position?

I understand your reluctance to commit to a salary estimate here, but I have to know in order to know if ours and yours are even in the same ballpark -- give me a number so we can get on with the interview, please?

How much compensation are you searching for?

How much compensation do you currently earn?

How much compensation do you need?

How much compensation do you want?

How much compensation will it take to get you here?

What are you earning now?

What is your salary?

What do you want in salary?

What is your salary history?

What would be an adequate payment for your efforts?

What salary are you worth?

What was your salary history on your last job?

What range of salary do you want?

Why do you think you deserve your current salary?

Would you be willing to work for less?

How much money do you currently make?

How much money would you like to be earning?

How much money do you see yourself making in ten years?

What kind of salary are you looking for?

What kind of money do you need to make?

Should your profession be higher paying?

Have you turned down a salary increase?

Are you aware that this job might entail a cut in pay?

Why are you willing to take a cut in pay?

What salary do you expect?

Would you take a cut in salary to work here?

What are your current salary requirements?

How do you see your salary requirements changing in the near and far futures?

How much money do you currently make?

How much money do you want to make?

Do you feel that money is the most important aspect of a job?

How much do you think you expect to be making in five years?



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