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AMP Uttar Pradesh Teams

To strengthen our growth and expansion, we are making our Chapters more ‘Process-Oriented' and streamlined. We are committed to transforming our Members & Volunteers into Leaders, who will play important roles Nationally in the coming days. 

The Chapter Executive Team (CET) is the highest decision making body at Chapter Level which will strive for the fulfilment of AMP Mission and VisionCET will be reporting directly to the State Executive Team (SET) for any coordination required at Chapter Level.  


The major responsibilities of CET include but are not limited to;

  1. Taking Initiatives in Core areas of AMP Operations
  2. Imbibing AMP Processes & Procedures
  3. Inspiring Members & Collaborative Decision Making
  4. Chapter Management and Membership
  5. Data Management
  6. Policy Implementation
  7. Official Representation
State Executive Team - Uttar Pradesh
Sr. No. Name Designation Location Phone Number Email ID
1 Dr. Sultan Ahmed EAC/ETP Coordinator Lucknow 7784024285 s.ahmadkhan123@gmail.com
2 Mr. Mahmood Alam IndiaZakat.com / AZF Coordinator Lucknow 8417835632 mahmood2008@gmail.com
3 Dr. Mohammad Zubair Ahmad The India Mentors Coordinator Bareilly 8958844442 ahmadzubair1978@gmail.com
4 Mr. Khan Fahad Zahoor SDP Coordinator Rampur 9897342899 kfkhanfahadzahoor@gmail.com
5 Mr. Saleem Khan NGO Connect Coordinator Lucknow 7054967634 saleem09msw05@gmail.com
6 Mr. Mohd Kamil Institute Connect Coordinator Gautam Budh Nagar/NOIDA 8897710856 mkkamil@hotmail.com
7 Dr. Mohammad Zubair Ahmad Professor Connect Coordinator Bareilly 8958844442 ahmadzubair1978@gmail.com
8 Ms. Tabassum Khan Media Coordinator Lucknow 6388899582 Khan.tabassum30@yahoo.com
9 Ms. Sidra Ali Khan STP Coordinator Lucknow 9956562347 Sidrakhan0211@gmail.com
10 Mr. Mohd Waseem Barkati Ulema Connect Coordinator Lucknow 9793440221 waseem.kalpi92@gmail.com
11 Ms. Heena Chaudhary Scholarship Coordinator Saharanpur 9412587949 Choudharyheena223@gmail.com


Chapter Executive Team - Uttar Pradesh
Chapter Name Designation Mobile No. Email Id
Aligarh Mr. Syed Moazzam Ali Chapter Head 8954970013 alimoazzam7@gmail.com
  Mr. Arshad W Khan Scholarship Coordinator 8006017003 khanarshadw@gmail.com
  Ms. Safura Hasan The India Mentors Coordinator 94106 02873 safurahasan1406@gmail.com
Bulandshahr Mr. Intikhab Ahmed Chapter Head 8057966005 weglobals@gmail.com
  Dr. Mohammad Ilyas Chapter Secretary 9897693672 drilyas767@gmail.com
  Mr. Shadab Khan Institute Connect Coordinator 9761805786 shadabamu@outlook.com
Goutam Budh Nagar Mr. Khan Masood Ahmed Chapter Head 9695578600 mkhan_jmi@yahoo.com
  Mr. Mohd Kamil Chapter Secretary 8897710856 mkkamil@hotmail.com
Moradabad Mohammad Azhar Chapter Head 7895353444 azharsalamat786@gmail. com
Rampur Mr. Khan Fahad Zahoor Chapter Head 9897342899 kfkhanfahadzahoor@gmail.com
Amroha Mr. Syed Khurram Hasan Rizvi Chapter Head 9319582454 dhome555.kr@gmail.com
  Er. Atif Adnan Kazmi Chapter Secretary 9911333635 id244221@gmail.com
  Mr. Syed Zaid Usama Rizvi Finance Secretary 7011102549 zaid.rizvi.zr@gmail.com
  Dr. Nafees Haider Naqvi Member 9111113214 nafyphd@gmail.com
  Mr. Zuhair Kazmi Member 9711707339 zuhairkazmi2010@gmail.com
  Mr. Abdus Samad Al Hindi Member 9917138041 samadqadri241@gmail.com
  Mr. Kaleem Anwar Member 7895394444 kaleemranwer@gmail.com
Saharanpur Mr. Amjad Ali Khan Chapter Head 9897109209 amjad109209@gmail.com
  Mr. Mohammad Faisal Chapter Secretary 9897601865 faisal601865@gmail.com
Gonda Mr. Akbar Husain Ansari Chapter Head 9451059444 akbar.apia@yahoo.in
  Mr. Irfan Ali Chapter Secretary 9005708142 irfan.ansari8598@gmail.com
  Mr. Altaf Husen Member 8874729799 altab880@gmail.com
Kanpur Nagar Mr. Sayyed Abrar Chapter Head 8858500444 SayyedAbrar246@gmail.com
  Mr. Ashfaq Siddiqui Chapter Secretary 9305255347  
Lucknow Mr. Mahmood Alam Chapter Head 8417835632 mahmood2008@gmail.com
  Ms. Nazia Akhlaq Chapter Secretary 9838746163 naziafaisal27@gmail.com
  Ms. Sidra Ali Khan Institute Connect Coordinator 9956562347 Sidrakhan0211@gmail.com
  Mr. Mohd Hamza Khan Member 7705897777 hamzasmarttech@gmail.com
  Mr. Javed Lodi Scholarship Coordinator 9412272238 jak.lodi@gmail.com
  Ms. Aisha Ali The India Mentors Coordinator 7844843673 ali.aisha011@gmail.com
Hardoi Dr. Tajdar Husain Khan Chapter Head 6306223037 tajdarhamdard@gmail.com
  Mr. Mohd Rehan Chapter Secretary 7007036108 rmohd6972@gmail.com
  Mr. Mohammad Alam Khan Member 9838514777 mohdalamhdi@gmail.com
  Ms. Malka Tarannum Khan Member 7054382070 mtarannumkhan@gmail.com
  Mr. Mohammad Mairaj Member 9651362136 Mohdmeraj000000786@gmail.com
  Mr. Mohammad Azam Khan Member 7985736893 hammadkhanamkhan@gmail.com
Pratapgarh Mr. Maqsood Shafat Chapter Head 7905724558 Maqsoodshafat@gmail.com
Basti Mr. Abdul Haleem Chapter Head 8840463264 abdulhaleem2011@gmail.com
  Dr. Sultan Ahmad Chapter Secretary 7784024285 s.ahmadkhan123@gmail.com
  Mr. Abdul Azeem Member 8707205929 abdulazim674@yahoo.com
Ayodhya/Fzbd Mr. Irfan Ahmad Siddiqui Chapter Head 9451036672 DARSGAH@GMAIL.COM
Gorakhpur Mr. Mohd Fahad Alam Chapter Head 7565999362 fahadalam82@gmail.com
Kushinagar Mr. Mohammad Tauhid Ali Chapter Head 8934914224 alimohammadtauhid@gmail.com
  Mr. Mohammad Saif Lari Chapter Secretary 7398501035 mohd.saif.lari@gmail.com
Varanasi Mr. Yasir Usmani Chapter Head 8765111515 yasirusmani786@gmail.com
  Mr. Waris Jamal Secretary 6391091491 waarish@gmail.com
  Dr. Faisal Member 9415353072 drfaisalrahman@yahoo.com
  Mr. Parvez Basit Member 8299739559 parvezbasit@gmail.com
  Mr. Parvez Alam Member 9839501515 shahzaada@hotmail.com
  Mr. Mohammad Shahid Ansari Member 9336468346 msansari.1990@gmail.com


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