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Bijapur Team donated Career Charts to 19 Schools

Choosing a a career field essentially involves a very critical decision-making process. The effectiveness of choosing a major and career field can be greatly influenced by the information available to you at the point of decision-making and the effectiveness of your decision-making relies on accurate and up-to-date information.

AMP Bijapur Team Member Mr Mohammad Ishaq Chattarki and others put their efforts towards the success of distribution of Career Charts in Schools across Bijapur.

List of Individual AMP Career Chart Donors in Feb 2019

Sr. No. Name of Donor Name of School
1 Mr. Sajid Patel of Patel Vision Care & Patel Optical Works Secab Boy's P.U. College & English Medium High School
2 Mr.Sadiq Soudagar Al Hasnat Urdu Medium High School
3 Mr. Ehsanullah Munshi Iqra Urdu & English Medium High School
4 Mr. Mujeeb Chanegaoun of MSM Wood & Furniture Opal English Medium High School
5 Sunny Sports & Science Al Amaan Girls Urdu Medium High School 
6 Peerzade Opticals Al Amaan Boys Urdu Medium High School
7 Everest Hotel & Everest Tiles Radiant P.U College
8 Momin Traders Anjuman-E-Islam Degree College
9 AMP Bijapur Chapter  Al-Huda Urdu Medium Boy's High School
10 Mr. Anees Maniyar Wisdom English Medium  High School
11 Mr. Yahiya Rasheed (from Chennai) Prime High School
12 Mr. Mir Yusuf Ali Khan ( from Qatar) Gyan Academy High School
13 Mr. Shoukat Kotwal Salafiya Urdu Medium High School
14 H.Naikodi Sweets Anjuman Girls Urdu Medium High School
15 Mr. M.M.Loni Govt Urdu High School T.T.I.
16 AMP Bijapur Chapter Muraji Desai Muslim Residential School
17 AMP Bijapur Chapter RMSA Govt Urdu High School
18 Mr. Tousif Inamdar  Republic Primary School
19 AMP Bijapur Chapter Shaheen P.U.College


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