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AMP holds meetings for Economic Development Plan

AMP Chapters conducted meetings for preparing the Roadmap for Economic Development Plan (EDP) of the Community


Association of Muslim Professionals has worked on improving Education and Employability of Indian Muslims over a decade and will continue to run its flagship programs in these areas. Over the next decade, however, AMP aims to broaden its focus towards Economic Development of Indian Muslims. Towards this, AMP believes that it is critical that all stakeholders are organized under a Common Economic Agenda which takes a comprehensive view of the Community’s Economic Development. 

Various AMP Chapters thus conducted meetings of Sr. & Retd. Professionals, Thought Leaders, Social Leaders, Policy Makers towards the formation of the Economic Development Plan Roadmap.

The meetings were held in the following cities as follows;

  1. AMP Lucknow Chapter – Mon, 12th Mar ‘18
  2. AMP Pune Chapter – Sun, 15th Apr ‘18
  3. AMP Delhi Chapter – Fri, 20th Apr ‘18
  4. AMP Hyderabad Chapter – Sun, 29th Mar ‘18

The purpose of these meetings was to identify Economic Goals for the community and find appropriate Solutions & Implementation partners. The following suggestions were shared by the participants;

  • We should have the current data of Community as far as Individual per capita income as well as the Communities’ per capita income.
  • To have a lifecycle approach towards the projects that we undertake. Taking multiple projects but not being able to provide an end to end solution may not be helpful.
  • Formation of seed capital funds to help small businesses grow up or scale up.
  • Identify alternate models for financing businesses.
  • Economic Development should be projected as a strategy to integration thus we should include other community people in our NGOs.
  • Partner with Government of India, get projects allocated in: Education – Health – Banking – Civic Amenities – Livelihoods.
  • Represent Islamic principles/Islamic perspective like Baitul Maal and Interest free capital to the needy.
  • Partner with outfits like Centre of Vocational Alternatives (COVA)
  • Tapping Government schemes, lobbying with Central & State Governments
  • Utilize 70% of Central & State Governments’ Minority Budget
  • Create a Muslim Economic Development Think Tank
  • It was proposed that Delhi could be one of the pillar to initiate and implement EDP across the country. The important factors for its relevance was due to its proximity to Central Government and some of the most prestigious universities hence access to Government Schemes, Research Scholars & Papers etc.

These meetings were ably conducted by AMP Chapter Teams with due assistance from local partner Organisations who provided venue and other facilities.



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