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NCT and State Observers

 National Coordination Team
Sr. No.  Coordinator Name  City  State  Email Id  Mobile No
 1  Abrar Sayyad  Pune  Maharashtra  abrar.sayyad@gmail.com  9860603447
 2  Tofiq Mirza  Jhunjhunu  Rajasthan  mirzatofiq@gmail.com  9928879368
 3  Mohd Waseem Khan  Delhi  Delhi  connecttowaseemkhan@gmail.com  9810781567
 4  Tazeem Quadri  Kolkatta  West Bengal  tazeem.quadri@gmail.com  9738906881
 State Observers
Sr. No.  State/ UT  Observer Name  Email Id  Mobile No
 1  Andhra Pradesh  Syed Hasan  iam.smhasan@gmail.com  8886469747
 2  Assam  Rezwan Ahmed  rezwan.genei@gmail.com  9864264209
 3  Bihar   Mohammed Nayeemuddin  nayeem.login@gmail.com  9008309967
 5  Chhattisgarh   Dr. M. Jawed Quereishi
 6  Daman and Diu   Dr. Wajid Syed   wajidhiwajid@gmail.com  8866532303
 7  Delhi   Altamash Mohammed   altamashhh@gmail.com  9582508280
 8  Gujarat   Jabir Choksi   jabirchoksi@gmail.com  9824151839
 9  Jammu & Kashmir   Khurshid Mir   khurshed.ece@gmail.com  9769840189
 10  Jharkhand   Mohammed Nayeemuddin   nayeem.login@gmail.com  9008309967
 11  Karnataka   Mohammed Aaqil   md.aaqil@gmail.com 7676592096
 12  Kerala   Adv. B. Sathiq   
 13  Madhya Pradesh   Dr. Syed Mehrul Hasan   syed.maharul@gmail.com  9300381061
 14  Maharashtra   Abrar Syed   abrar.sayyad@gmail.com  9860603447
 15  Manipur   Mohammed Raees   mmofmanipur@gmail.com  9765493896
 16  Orissa (Odisha)   Mohammed Aaqil   md.aaqil@gmail.com  7676592096
 17  Punjab & Chandigarh   Azra Ansari   callazra@gmail.com  
 18  Rajasthan   Mohd. Ameen   ameenmba@gmail.com  7742516969
 19  Tamil Nadu   K Mohammed Azad   cbeazad@gmail.com  9944933305
 20  Telangana   Faiq Siddiqui  faiqsiddiqui15@gmail.com  9885214245
 21  Uttar Pradesh   Mohammed Wasim Khan  connecttowaseemkhan@gmail.com  9810781567
 22  West Bengal   Tazeem Quadri  tazeem.quadri@gmail.com  9738906881

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Success Stories

My name is Rahil. Though belonging to a very humble household where we could barely make ends meet I always had big aspirations. I am pursuing my B.E. in Mechanical Engg. from AIKTC School of Engineering and Technology, New Panvel. However like all good things, Education also comes with an ... Read more

Khan Rahil – Mumbai


Can people like you and me think of brining about a revolution? The revolution has already arrived and the actual harbinger of the revolution is AMP! These are the people who work selflessly for the community and forge a path for others to follow. I admire these ...

Dr M M Ansari, Member, UGC & Ex-Information Commissioner, New Delhi

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