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NCT And State Heads

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) has Alhamdulillah completed a decade of service to the Community and the Nation. In these 10 years AMP has not just served the needy and the underprivileged but in the process has created Leaders & Visionaries all over the country and abroad. We can say with certain humility that we are on the way to being a truly Global organisation. This brings a lot of responsibility on the Central Leadership to create second level of leadership around the Country and Globe who can, not just effectively implement AMP Projects and translate its Vision into reality, but also work on taking its Mission globally.

AMP Leadership Teams comprise of the following:
1.National Coordination Team (NCT)
2.State Heads

These Leaders are responsible to Inspire, Motivate, Coordinate and get AMP projects executed in various parts of the Country. They are also responsible for AMP expansion by reaching out to aspiring social leaders in various Cities and ensure smooth functioning of Chapters as per AMP Governing Council guidelines and policies.


National Coordination Team
Sr. No. Coordinator Name  City State Email Id Mobile No
1 Syed Nashit Mohammed Bangalore Karnataka syed.nashit@ampindia.org 8983371070
2 Samir Bubere Navi Mumbai Maharashtra samir_bubere@yahoo.com 9820109494
3 Suboor Ahmed Ghori Indore Madhya Pradesh ahmed.suboor@gmail.com 9993377786
4 Nazneen Mohammed Chougle Mumbai Maharashtra nazzchougle@gmail.com 9986187129
5 Pasha H. Shaikh Pune Maharashtra shaikhpasha1994@gmail.com 8446706525
















State Heads
Sr. No. State/ UT Head Name Email Id Mobile No
1 Assam Mohammed Tousif Hussain mdtousifhussainreza@gmail.com 9864780548
2 Bihar Tameemuddin Humble tameemhumble@gmail.com 9661679592
3 Chhattisgarh Dr. M. Jawed Quereishi drjaved4ph@gmail.com 7869256646
4 Delhi Prof. Jawed Ahmed jawed2047@gmail.com 9999340986
5 Gujarat Choksi Zabir Mohammed jabirchoksi@gmail.com 9824151839
6 Karnataka Dr. Zahida Khan zzahidakhan@gmail.com 9742472247
7 Madhya Pradesh Omar Farook Khatani khataniof@gmail.com 9425012567
8 Maharashtra Javid Ikbal Shaikh javidikbal@gmail.com 7028026007
9 Maharashtra Shagufta Inamdar shaguftainamdar28@gmail.com 8983597833
10 Manipur Mohammed Raees Ahamad mdraeesahamed@hotmail.com 9765493896
11 Punjab Badrul Haque Khan khanbhjct@gmail.com 9988852247
12 Rajasthan Mohammed Ameen ameenmba@gmail.com 7742516969
13 Tamil Nadu Mohamed Sajjad Parvez sajad_parvaiz@yahoo.com 9444416533
14 Telangana Miss. Faiq Siddiqui faiqsiddiqui15@gmail.com 9885214245
15 Uttar Pradesh Syed Shoeb syedshoeb08@gmail.com 9415028809
16 Uttar Pradesh Syed Mohammed Ali bacusiitk@gmail.com 9621441073
17 West Bengal Mohammad Omar Khan khan.omar68@gmail.com 9874235027


To check the detailed profile of the National Coordination Team and State Head Teams Memebers please click on the link:



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