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Milestones of AMP

It was Year 2007 when AMP was formed. Since then, we have gone a long way to come up to this stage where AMP is one of the most recognized Muslim NGO at the National Level. People from almost every quarter of India, Middle East, U.S. & U.K. have participated and appreciated the work and mission of AMP. Below are some of the major milestones AMP has achieved till today;

  • We have successfully formed AMP chapters in 22 Indian states and many cities all over India. Currently we have active chapters in 70+ cities all across India and volunteers from 125+ Districts of India. 
  • We have conducted 2000+ SDLs (Skill Development Lectures) in 500+ schools across India, which benefitted 2 lakh+ students.
  • We have placed 10,000+ candidates in various companies in last 5 years, having conducted 16 successful Job Fairs and 200+ Job Drives across different cities.
  • Successfully organized Career Fests in Mumbai consistently for six successive years where 1 lakh+ Students from all over Maharashtra participated. 
  • Provided Financial Assistance to 350+ Students with Higher & Technical Education Scholarships, sponsored 150+ Youth for Self Employment, helped with expenses for the Education of 120+ Orphans and supported 5 IIT Students with complete fees.
  • Presence in Social Media: Maintaining online public forums on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter etc. to interact and communicate with 1 lakh+ Muslim Professionals. 25,000+ Members on Google Groups and 60,000+ Members on Facebook. 
  • We have done relief work from time to time in the last ten years of our journey on various occasions when local and national calamities took place such as Bandra Slums fire in Mumbai, Uttarakhand Cloudburst & Land Slides, Kashmir Floods and many others.
  • We successfully organized a two-day All India National Convention at Lonavla, Maharashtra where around 125 senior AMP members from 10+ States participated.  

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My name is Rahil. Though belonging to a very humble household where we could barely make ends meet I always had big aspirations. I am pursuing my B.E. in Mechanical Engg. from AIKTC School of Engineering and Technology, New Panvel. However like all good things, Education also comes with an ... Read more

Khan Rahil – Mumbai

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